Therapeutic Exercise


Structural training back to the alignment of body

Human Body is designed to withstand the Gravitational Force by default, which is the basic condition of all beings on Earth. The alignment of spine and joints along the centre of gravity enhance a good support of body weight. However as the world we are dealing to today does not always natural and balanced, the way we react to it create a misalignment of force and support and that is how bad posture started. In many ways postural problems turns into a structural problems as a matter of time and eventually cause pain. The purpose of Therapeutic Exercise is to re-construct the alignment of force transmitting along the body and fundamentally solve the postural problem, and more, cure and prevention of pain and injury.




*PILATES專用儀器,REFORMER,就是可以一邊做支撐,一邊穩定身體的部位,令身體原本不會常常意識到的深層肌肉,都可以很容易的集中訓練到。在觀塘,以reformer 為主的工作室只有我們POB。針對現代忙碌的都市人,我們準備了不同強度並且有目的性的訓練。
REFORMER 是通過施加適當的壓力進而讓身體做出正確的姿勢這就是普拉提斯專用的器材。本工作室使用的所有器材,全部都是從美國BALANCED BODY公司直接購入。該公司擁有40年PILATES器材開發和製造的歷史。



POB Pilates

Core Engaging + Therapeutic Exercise


Rejuvenating body from deep core

  • Elongating spine, stabilising pelvis
  • Relief or pain & Prevention of pain
  • Improving posture and aesthetics
  • Increase human growth hormones
  • Stress Release
  • Enhancing emulsion system

POB Pilates

核心肌肉訓練 + 運動矯治



  • 伸展脊椎 強化盤骨

  • 消除。預防 肩頸腰背痛

  • 修身

  • 促進生長賀爾蒙分泌

  • 消除壓力

  • 增強免疫力